Mothers and Road Signs

взять ипотеку с плохой кредитной историей

A mother is just like a good road sign. Waygo said what? Well, hold your 马 (mă)* and we’ll explain in just a bit.

*马 (mă) means horses, but is a homonym with the word for mother 妈 (mā). This is supposed to be a joke!


We’d like to wish all Waygo mothers, 母亲节快乐! (mǔqīnjiékuàilè)! You can add 快乐 (kuàilè) to a noun to wish someone a happy something. For example, to wish someone a happy weekend, add 快乐 to 周末.

母亲节 (mǔqīnjié): Mother’s Day
快乐 (kuàilè): Happy
母亲节快乐 (mǔqīnjiékuàilè): Happy Mother’s Day!
周末 (zhōumò): Weekend
周末快乐 (zhōumòkuàilè): Happy weekend!

Is Mother’s Day celebrated in China? Yes. In fact, Mother’s Day is in perfect harmony with Chinese culture, as it’s a holiday designed to respect and celebrate the elderly. Filial piety, or 孝 (xiào), is a core part of Confucian philosophy dating back for thousands of years. A popular gift in China to give a mother on this special occasion is a bouquet of flowers, most typically carnations.

Back to the analogy of mothers and road signs. Just like a mother, signs serve to warn and care for people. While it’s ultimately the child who decides how to act, both mother and sign can always say “I told you so.”


There’s a reason for the plastic electrical outlet covers!


Afterall, you only get one head, so you better mind it!




Your mom’s rendition might sound something like “knock it off, will ya?!”







“How many times do I have to tell ya back there? Tommy is trying to sleep!”










Oh no! Have you forgotten about Mother’s Day? Well no sweat, you still have 2 full days if you are in the U.S., or a day and a half if you are in China. Looking for a creative card idea? Why not use Waygo? Take a screenshot of a Waygo translation, print it out, and glue it onto a card. For example:

Dear Mom,

Being my mother must be a


at times. Thanks for sticking it out! And when the road gets bumpy, I’ll try to minimize the beef.









Team Waygo